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CHANCERY, noun. In England, formerly, the highest court of judicature next to the Parliament, exercising jurisdiction at law, but chiefly in equity; but under the jurisdiction act of 1873 it became the chancery division of the High Court of Justice, and now exercises jurisdiction only in equity.
CHANCERY, noun. In the United States, a court of equity; equity; proceeding in equity.
CHANCERY, noun. The type of building that houses a diplomatic mission or embassy.
CHANCERY, noun. The type of building that houses the offices and administration of a diocese; the offices of a diocese.
CHANCERY HAND, noun. (calligraphy) (historical) Either of two styles of handwriting: a written form of black letter used in France and England from about 1350, developed in the Lateran chancelry in the 13th century, or a style of cursive handwriting introduced in the 1420s by Niccolò de' Niccoli, developed from humanist minuscule; a variety of either of these styles.
CHANCERY HANDS, noun. Plural of chancery hand

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CHANCERY, noun. A court with jurisdiction in equity.
CHANCERY, noun. An office of archives for public or ecclesiastic records; a court of public records.

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