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BRIEF, adjective. Of short duration; happening quickly. [from 15th c.]
BRIEF, adjective. Concise; taking few words. [from 15th c.]
BRIEF, adjective. Occupying a small distance, area or spatial extent; short. [from 17th c.]
BRIEF, adjective. (obsolete) Rife; common; prevalent.
BRIEF, noun. (legal) A writ summoning one to answer to any action.
BRIEF, noun. (legal) An answer to any action.
BRIEF, noun. (legal) A memorandum of points of fact or of law for use in conducting a case.
BRIEF, noun. (legal) An attorney's legal argument in written form for submission to a court.
BRIEF, noun. (English law) The material relevant to a case, delivered by a solicitor to the barrister who tries the case.
BRIEF, noun. (informal) A short news story or report.
BRIEF, noun. (obsolete) A summary, précis or epitome; an abridgement or abstract.
BRIEF, noun. (UK) (historical) A letter patent, from proper authority, authorizing a collection or charitable contribution of money in churches, for any public or private purpose.
BRIEF, noun. (slang) A ticket of any type.
BRIEF, verb. (transitive) To summarize a recent development to some person with decision-making power.
BRIEF, verb. (transitive) (legal) To write a legal argument and submit it to a court.
BRIEF, adverb. (obsolete) (poetic) Briefly.
BRIEF, adverb. (obsolete) (poetic) Soon; quickly.

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BRIEF, noun. A document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case.
BRIEF, noun. A condensed written summary or abstract.
BRIEF, verb. Give essential information to someone; "The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade".
BRIEF, adjective. Of short duration or distance; "a brief stay in the country".
BRIEF, adjective. Concise and succinct; "covered the matter in a brief statement".
BRIEF, adjective. (of clothing) very short; "an abbreviated swimsuit"; "a brief bikini".

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