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LULL, noun. A period of rest or soothing
LULL, noun. (nautical) a period without waves or wind.
LULL, noun. (surfing) An extended pause between sets of waves.
LULL, verb. (transitive) To cause to rest by soothing influences; to compose; to calm; to soothe; to quiet.
LULL, verb. (intransitive) To become gradually calm; to subside; to cease or abate.

Dictionary definition

LULL, noun. A pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished; "there was never a letup in the noise".
LULL, noun. A period of calm weather; "there was a lull in the storm".
LULL, verb. Calm by deception; "Don't let yourself be lulled into a false state of security".
LULL, verb. Become quiet or less intensive; "the fighting lulled for a moment".
LULL, verb. Make calm or still; "quiet the dragons of worry and fear".

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