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BLISS, noun. Perfect happiness
BLISS, proper noun. An English surname​ originating as a nickname.
BLISS, proper noun. (rare) A male or female given name.
BLISS, proper noun. (computing) a programming language used for systems programming primarily on computers produced by Digital Equipment Corporation. Bliss is a parallel language to C, both being derived from B and BCPL
BLISS NINNIES, noun. Plural of bliss ninny
BLISS NINNY, noun. (slang) (pejorative) A person who is unrealistically optimistic, or a Pollyanna and who might seem to prefer to retreat from difficult situations by professing seemingly irrelevant platitudes, rather than to directly engage with the difficulty at hand in a meaningful way.
BLISS NINNY, noun. (slang) (spirituality) A student who may seem to be intoxicated with spiritual teachings, but is ungrounded or untrained.
BLISS OUT, verb. (intransitive) (informal) to experience bliss, be blissful

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BLISS, noun. A state of extreme happiness.

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