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TEXAS, proper noun. A state in the south central part of the United States of America. Capital: Austin.
TEXAS, noun. The top-most cabin deck on a steamboat
TEXAS 42, proper noun. A game played with a set of common double-six dominoes.
TEXAS BLIND SNAKE, noun. A blind snake, Leptotyphlops dulcis, from southwestern North America
TEXAS BLUES, noun. (music genre) A genre of blues that uses electric guitars and power riffs, associated with Texas.
TEXAS CATTLE FEVER, noun. (disease) Texas fever
TEXAS FEVER, noun. (pathology) a tick-borne disease of cattle
TEXAS HEART SHOT, noun. (hunting) (firearms) A bullet fired through the anal area of an animal.
TEXAS HOLD 'EM, noun. A variant of poker in which players receive two cards each, and five other cards are shared between them.
TEXAS LEAGUE SINGLE, noun. Synonym of Texas leaguer.
TEXAS LEAGUER, noun. (baseball) A weakly hit fly ball that drops between the infielders and outfielders for a hit; a flare.
TEXAS LEAGUERS, noun. Plural of Texas leaguer
TEXAS MICKEY, noun. (Canada) (informal) A very large bottle of hard liquor, holding 3,000 ml (106 imperial oz. or 101 US oz.), or, formerly, one holding 133.3 oz.
TEXAS RATIO, noun. (economics) (finance) A measure of a bank's creditworthiness, equal to ratio of the bank's nonperforming assets (nonperforming loans plus other real estate owned) to the sum of its tangible equity capital plus loan-loss reserves.
TEXAS RIG, noun. (fishing) A fishing rig involving a bullet-shaped weight threaded onto the fishing line, followed by an optional bead and then the hook.
TEXAS RIGS, noun. Plural of Texas rig
TEXAS ROOT ROT, noun. A soil-borne fungus, Phymatotrichopsis omnivora, that attacks the roots of susceptible plants.
TEXAS TOAST, noun. A style of sliced bread, roughly twice the thickness of normal sliced bread, popular in Texas.

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TEXAS, noun. The second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico.

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