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LONE, adjective. Solitary; having no companion.
LONE, adjective. Isolated or lonely; lacking companionship.
LONE, adjective. Sole; being the only one of a type.
LONE, adjective. Situated by itself or by oneself, with no neighbours.
LONE, adjective. (archaic) Unfrequented by human beings; solitary.
LONE, adjective. (archaic) Single; unmarried, or in widowhood.
LONE GUNMAN, noun. (idiomatic) An individual person who acts on his or her own initiative, without partners, especially one who has sole responsibility for doing something questionable, confidential, or iniquitous.
LONE IT, verb. (idiomatic) To go alone.
LONE PAIR, noun. (chemistry) a pair of electrons in the valence shell of an atom that does not participate in bonding
LONE RANGER, proper noun. A hero of westerns who wore a mask.
LONE RANGER, proper noun. A solitary, sometimes mysterious or heroic, person.
LONE STAR STATE, proper noun. Nickname of the U.S. state of Texas.
LONE WOLF, noun. A wolf that is not part of a pack
LONE WOLF, noun. (by extension) A person who avoids the company of others; a loner
LONE WOLFER, noun. One who acts alone.
LONE WOLFERS, noun. Plural of lone wolfer
LONE WOLVES, noun. Plural of lone wolf

Dictionary definition

LONE, adjective. Lacking companions or companionship; "he was alone when we met him"; "she is alone much of the time"; "the lone skier on the mountain"; "a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel"; "a lonely soul"; "a solitary traveler".
LONE, adjective. Characterized by or preferring solitude; "a lone wolf"; "a lonely existence"; "a man of a solitary disposition"; "a solitary walk".
LONE, adjective. Being the only one; single and isolated from others; "the lone doctor in the entire county"; "a lonesome pine"; "an only child"; "the sole heir"; "the sole example"; "a solitary instance of cowardice"; "a solitary speck in the sky".

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