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BERTH, noun. A fixed bunk for sleeping in (caravans, trains, etc).
BERTH, noun. Room for maneuvering or safety. (Often used in the phrase a wide berth.)
BERTH, noun. A space for a ship to moor or a vehicle to park.
BERTH, noun. (nautical) A room in which a number of the officers or ship's company mess and reside.
BERTH, noun. A job or position, especially on a ship.
BERTH, noun. (sports) Position or seed in a tournament bracket.
BERTH, noun. (sports) position on the field of play
BERTH, verb. (transitive) to bring (a ship or vehicle) into its berth
BERTH, verb. (transitive) to assign a berth (bunk or position) to

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BERTH, noun. A job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury".
BERTH, noun. A place where a craft can be made fast.
BERTH, noun. A bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers.
BERTH, verb. Provide with a berth.
BERTH, verb. Secure in or as if in a berth or dock; "tie up the boat".
BERTH, verb. Come into or dock at a wharf; "the big ship wharfed in the evening".

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