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PARAGRAPH, noun. A passage in text that is about a different subject from the preceding text, marked by commencing on a new line, the first line sometimes being indented.
PARAGRAPH, noun. (originally) A mark or note set in the margin to call attention to something in the text, such as a change of subject.
PARAGRAPH, verb. To sort text into paragraphs.
PARAGRAPH MARK, noun. A symbol designating the beginning of a new paragraph; ¶; the pilcrow.
PARAGRAPH MARKS, noun. Plural of paragraph mark

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PARAGRAPH, noun. One of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas; the beginning is usually marked by a new indented line.
PARAGRAPH, verb. Divide into paragraphs, as of text; "This story is well paragraphed".
PARAGRAPH, verb. Write about in a paragraph; "All her friends were paragraphed in last Monday's paper".
PARAGRAPH, verb. Write paragraphs; work as a paragrapher.

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