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JURY, noun. (legal) A group of individuals chosen from the general population to hear and decide a case in a court of law.
JURY, noun. A group of judges in a competition.
JURY, verb. To judge by means of a jury.
JURY, adjective. (nautical) For temporary use; applied to a temporary contrivance.
JURY BOX, noun. The area in a courtroom wherein the jury is seated during a trial.
JURY BOXES, noun. Plural of jury box
JURY DUTY, noun. A period of time during which a person is obliged to be a member of a panel of people who may be called as members of one or more juries.
JURY MAST, noun. (nautical) A temporary mast, in place of one that has been carried away or broken.
JURY MAST, noun. (medicine) An apparatus to support the trunk and head in cases of spinal disease.
JURY MASTS, noun. Plural of jury mast
JURY NULLIFICATION, noun. (legal) An acquittal by a jury of a defendant ignoring the facts of the case and/or the law.
JURY PANEL, noun. (US) A group of people from which a certain number are selected to sit on a jury.
JURY POOL, noun. (legal) the eligible population from which jury members can be selected
JURY POOLS, noun. Plural of jury pool
JURY RIG, verb. Alternative spelling of jury-rig
JURY RIG, noun. Alternative spelling of jury-rig
JURY RIGS, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jury rig
JURY RIGS, noun. Plural of jury rig
JURY SERVICE, noun. Jury duty
JURY TRIAL, noun. (legal) A legal process in which the guilt or liability of a party is determined by a jury, a group of citizens selected from the local population.
JURY TRIALS, noun. Plural of jury trial

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JURY, noun. A body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law.
JURY, noun. A committee appointed to judge a competition.

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