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GUILTY, adjective. Responsible for a dishonest act.
GUILTY, adjective. (legal) Judged to have committed a crime.
GUILTY, adjective. Having a sense of guilt.
GUILTY, adjective. Blameworthy.
GUILTY, noun. (legal) A plea by a defendant who does not contest a charge.
GUILTY, noun. (legal) A verdict of a judge or jury on a defendant judged to have committed a crime.
GUILTY, noun. One who is declared guilty of a crime.
GUILTY AS SIN, adjective. (simile) (colloquial) Unquestionably guilty.
GUILTY PLEASURE, noun. (idiomatic) Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow.
GUILTY PLEASURES, noun. Plural of guilty pleasure

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GUILTY, adjective. Responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds".
GUILTY, adjective. Showing a sense of guilt; "a guilty look"; "the hangdog and shamefaced air of the retreating enemy"- Eric Linklater.

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