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CONVICT, verb. (transitive) To find guilty
CONVICT, verb. As a result of legal proceedings, about of a crime
CONVICT, verb. Informally, notably in a moral sense; said about both perpetrator and act.
CONVICT, noun. (legal) A person convicted of a crime by a judicial body.
CONVICT, noun. A person deported to a penal colony.
CONVICT, noun. A common name for the sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus), owing to its black and stripes.
CONVICT HOUR, noun. Around four to five in the morning.

Dictionary definition

CONVICT, noun. A person serving a sentence in a jail or prison.
CONVICT, noun. A person who has been convicted of a criminal offense.
CONVICT, verb. Find or declare guilty; "The man was convicted of fraud and sentenced".

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