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ROB, verb. (transitive) To steal from, especially using force or violence.
ROB, verb. (transitive) To deprive of, or withhold from, unjustly or injuriously; to defraud.
ROB, verb. (transitive) (figuratively) (used with "of") To deprive (of).
ROB, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To burgle.
ROB, verb. (intransitive) To commit robbery.
ROB, verb. (sports) To take possession of the ball, puck etc. from.
ROB, noun. The inspissated juice of ripe fruit, obtained by evaporation of the juice over a fire until it reaches a syrupy consistency. It is sometimes mixed with honey or sugar.
ROB, proper noun. A diminutive of the   male given name Robert.
ROB, proper noun. (rare compared to the pet form) A surname​, derived from Robert.
ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL, verb. (idiomatic) To use resources that legitimately belong to or are needed by one party in order to satisfy a legitimate need of another party, especially within the same organization or group; to solve a problem in a way that makes another problem worse, producing no net gain.
ROB ROY, noun. A cocktail made with Scotch whisky, vermouth and bitters
ROB ROYS, noun. Plural of Rob Roy
ROB SOMEONE BLIND, verb. To rob someone mercilessly.
ROB THE CRADLE, verb. (idiomatic) (disapproving) To marry or become romantically involved with a much younger person.
ROB THE CRADLE, verb. (idiomatic) (disapproving) To use a young person for a purpose inappropriate to his or her age.

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ROB, verb. Take something away by force or without the consent of the owner; "The burglars robbed him of all his money".
ROB, verb. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price.

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