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CHEAT, verb. (intransitive) To violate rules in order to gain advantage from a situation.
CHEAT, verb. (intransitive) To be unfaithful to one's spouse or partner.
CHEAT, verb. (transitive) To manage to avoid something even though it seemed unlikely.
CHEAT, verb. (transitive) To deceive; to fool; to trick.
CHEAT, verb. To beguile.
CHEAT, noun. Someone who cheats (informal: cheater).
CHEAT, noun. An act of deception or fraud; that which is the means of fraud or deception; a fraud; a trick; imposition; imposture.
CHEAT, noun. The weed cheatgrass.
CHEAT, noun. A card game where the goal is to have no cards remaining in a hand, often by telling lies.
CHEAT, noun. A hidden means of gaining an unfair advantage in a computer game, often by entering a cheat code.
CHEAT CODE, noun. (video games) A line of text or series of commands which can be used to change a game's behavior, alter a character's looks and abilities, skip levels, or access other hidden features.
CHEAT CODES, noun. Plural of cheat code
CHEAT GRASS, noun. Downy brome; drooping brome (Bromus tectorum) is an annual grass native to Europe, southwestern Asia and northern Africa.
CHEAT ON, verb. (idiomatic) To be unfaithful to.
CHEAT OUT, verb. (theater) To face or turn toward the audience more than would be natural, for instance in a staged conversation.
CHEAT SHEET, noun. A sheet of paper containing notes used to assist (with or without permission) on a test.
CHEAT SHEET, noun. (idiomatic) Any summary or quick reference used as a shortcut or reminder, such as an aid for public speaking.
CHEAT SHEETS, noun. Plural of cheat sheet
CHEAT THE HANGMAN, verb. (ironic) To die, especially by suicide, while under sentence of death, or while guilty of a capital crime; also to kill someone else who is in such a state
CHEAT THE HANGMAN, verb. To escape punishment for one's crimes; to get away with something

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CHEAT, noun. Weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous.
CHEAT, noun. Weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat.
CHEAT, noun. Someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.
CHEAT, noun. The act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; "that book is a fraud".
CHEAT, noun. A deception for profit to yourself.
CHEAT, verb. Deprive somebody of something by deceit; "The con-man beat me out of $50"; "This salesman ripped us off!"; "we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme"; "They chiseled me out of my money".
CHEAT, verb. Defeat someone through trickery or deceit.
CHEAT, verb. Engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud; "Who's chiseling on the side?".
CHEAT, verb. Be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage; "She cheats on her husband"; "Might her husband be wandering?".

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