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PETIT, adjective. (now uncommon) (of size) Petite: small, little.
PETIT, adjective. Petty, in its various senses:
PETIT, adjective. (obsolete) Few in number.
PETIT, adjective. (now uncommon) (of objects) Unimportant; cheap; easily replaced.
PETIT, adjective. (legal) (of scale) small, minor.
PETIT, adjective. (now rare) Secondary; lower in rank.
PETIT, noun. (obsolete) (usually plural) A little schoolboy.
PETIT, noun. (obsolete) (rare) A kind of pidgeon.
PETIT, noun. (printing) (dated) (French and German contexts) Alternative term for brevier.
PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VENDÉEN, noun. A short scenthound bred in France
PETIT BOURGEOIS, adjective. Of or relating to the petite bourgeoisie.
PETIT FOUR, noun. A small cake generally eaten at the end of a meal or served as part of a large buffet.
PETIT FOURS, noun. Plural of petit four
PETIT JURIES, noun. Plural of petit jury
PETIT JURY, noun. (legal) A regular trial jury, assembled to determine criminal or civil liability.
PETIT MAL, noun. (medicine) A form of epilepsy where the seizures are characterized as minor, the person becomes vacant or unaware, but not involving spasms and unconsciousness. These seizures are usually brief, lasting up to 30 seconds, and may include twitching. A formal medical term would be absence seizures.
PETIT POIS, noun. A type of small pea.

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