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BOXER, noun. A participant (fighter) in a boxing match.
BOXER, noun. A breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dog with a square-jawed muzzle.
BOXER, noun. A type of internal combustion engine in which cylinders are arranged in two banks on either side of a single crankshaft.
BOXER, noun. The person running a game of two-up.
BOXER, noun. One who packs boxes.
BOXER, noun. A letterboxer.
BOXER, proper noun. A Chinese anti-imperial and anti-foreigner rebel of the early 1900s.
BOXER BRIEFS, noun. (plurale tantum) A combination between boxers and briefs
BOXER SHORTS, noun. Shorts worn as underwear by men.

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BOXER, noun. Someone who fights with his fists for sport.
BOXER, noun. A workman employed to pack things into containers.
BOXER, noun. A member of a nationalistic Chinese secret society that led an unsuccessful rebellion in 1900 against foreign interests in China.
BOXER, noun. A breed of stocky medium-sized short-haired dog with a brindled coat and square-jawed muzzle developed in Germany.

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