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LOSER, noun. A person who loses; one who fails to win or thrive.
LOSER, noun. Something of poor quality.
LOSER, noun. A person who is frequently unsuccessful in life.
LOSER, noun. (derogatory) A contemptible or unfashionable person.
LOSER, noun. One who or that which loses something, such as extra weight, car keys, etc.
LOSER CRUISER, noun. (idiomatic) (derisive) A public motorbus.
LOSER SIGN, noun. A gesture made by placing the hand in the L shape near the forehead; used to signify that the person making the gesture, or someone else, is a loser.

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LOSER, noun. A contestant who loses the contest.
LOSER, noun. A person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently.
LOSER, noun. A gambler who loses a bet.

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