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SUPERIOR, adjective. Higher in quality.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Higher in rank.
SUPERIOR, adjective. More comprehensive, as a term in classification.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Located above.
SUPERIOR, adjective. (botany) Above the ovary; said of parts of the flower which, although normally below the ovary, adhere to it, and so appear to originate from its upper part; also of an ovary when the other floral organs are plainly below it in position, and free from it.
SUPERIOR, adjective. (botany) Belonging to the part of an axillary flower which is toward the main stem; posterior.
SUPERIOR, adjective. (botany) Pointing toward the apex of the fruit; ascending; said of the radicle.
SUPERIOR, adjective. (typography) Printed in superscript.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Greater or better than average; extraordinary.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Beyond the power or influence of; too great or firm to be subdued or affected by; with to.
SUPERIOR, noun. A person of higher rank or quality.
SUPERIOR, noun. The senior person in a monastic community.
SUPERIOR AURICULAR MUSCLE, noun. A muscle surrounding the auricula or outer ear.
SUPERIOR COLLICULUS, noun. A structure on the tectum that receives neural projections directly from the retina.
SUPERIOR COLLICULUS, noun. The primary area of the brain thought to be involved in saccadic eye movements.
SUPERIOR COLLICULUS, noun. The area of the brain thought to be involved in hand-eye coordination.
SUPERIOR COURT, noun. A court of general competence which typically has unlimited jurisdiction with regard to civil and criminal legal cases in the lowest hierarchy of a judiciary in a common law system.
SUPERIOR COURTS, noun. Plural of superior court
SUPERIOR GOOD, noun. (economics) a good that makes up a larger proportion of consumption as income rises; having income elasticity greater than one.
SUPERIOR LETTER, noun. An alternative name for a letter written in superscript, usually when it indicates an abbreviation.
SUPERIOR OBLIQUE, noun. A muscle controlling downward rotation of the eye.
SUPERIOR PLANET, noun. A planet that orbits the Sun beyond the orbit of the Earth and thus shows retrograde motion when viewed from the Earth
SUPERIOR RECTUS, noun. A muscle in the orbit of the eye.
SUPERIOR TARSAL, noun. A smooth muscle helping to raise the upper eyelid.
SUPERIOR VENA CAVA, noun. (anatomy) The large vein which returns blood from the head, neck, thorax and both upper limbs to the right atrium of the heart.

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SUPERIOR, noun. One of greater rank or station or quality.
SUPERIOR, noun. The head of a religious community.
SUPERIOR, noun. A combatant who is able to defeat rivals.
SUPERIOR, noun. The largest freshwater lake in the world; the deepest of the Great Lakes.
SUPERIOR, noun. A town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth.
SUPERIOR, noun. A character or symbol set or printed or written above and immediately to one side of another character.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Of high or superior quality or performance; "superior wisdom derived from experience"; "superior math students".
SUPERIOR, adjective. Of or characteristic of high rank or importance; "a superior ruler".
SUPERIOR, adjective. (sometimes followed by `to') not subject to or influenced by; "overcome by a superior opponent"; "trust magnates who felt themselves superior to law".
SUPERIOR, adjective. Written or printed above and to one side of another character.
SUPERIOR, adjective. Having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth's orbit; "Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets".
SUPERIOR, adjective. Having a higher rank; "superior officer".
SUPERIOR, adjective. (often followed by `to') above being affected or influenced by; "he is superior to fear"; "an ignited firework proceeds superior to circumstances until its blazing vitality fades".

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