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SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Of the essence or essential element of a thing; as, "substantive information".
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Having substance; enduring; solid; firm; substantial.
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. (legal) Applying to essential legal principles and rules of right; as, "substantive law".
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. (chemistry) Of a dye that does not need the use of a mordant to be made fast to that which is being dyed.
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Depending on itself; independent.
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. (grammar) used like a noun substantive
SUBSTANTIVE, noun. (grammar) A word that names a person, place, thing or idea; a noun (sensu stricto).
SUBSTANTIVE ADJECTIVE, noun. (grammar) An adjective used alone in the absence of the noun that it modifies
SUBSTANTIVE ADJECTIVES, noun. Plural of substantive adjective
SUBSTANTIVE CASE, noun. (grammar) A case of second objects, being a derivation of the comparative case but intended for larger, more substantial objects, and used to join or combine one thing with another. It corresponds roughly to a variation of the accusative case: I understood him (him in the substantive case rather than the accusative, since no action is performed on the object). Languages that use the substantive case include Chechen and Ingush.
SUBSTANTIVE CASES, noun. Plural of substantive case
SUBSTANTIVE LAW, noun. (legal) The statutory or written law that governs rights and obligations of those who are subject to it.

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SUBSTANTIVE, noun. Any word or group of words functioning as a noun.
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable; "substantial equivalents".
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established; "substantive law".
SUBSTANTIVE, adjective. Being on topic and prompting thought; "a meaty discussion".

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