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LINGUA, noun. (zoology) A tongue.
LINGUA, noun. (zoology) A median process of the labium, at the underside of the mouth in insects, and serving as a tongue.
LINGUA FRANCA, noun. A common language used by people of diverse backgrounds to communicate with one another, often a basic form of speech with simplified grammar
LINGUA FRANCA, proper noun. (historical) (archaic) Sabir, the Italian-based pidgin that served as the lingua franca of Mediterranean trade in the late Middle Ages and early Modern period (c.   11th–19th centuries)
LINGUA FRANCA NOVA, proper noun. A constructed language based on French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan using either Latin or Cyrillic alphabets with grammar based on that of Romance Creoles.
LINGUA FRANCAS, noun. Plural of lingua franca

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LINGUA, noun. A mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity.

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