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REGULATION, noun. (uncountable)   The act of regulating or the condition of being regulated.
REGULATION, noun. (countable)   A law or administrative rule, issued by an organization, used to guide or prescribe the conduct of members of that organization.
REGULATION, noun. (European Union law) A form of legislative act which is self-effecting, and requires no further intervention by the Member States to become law.
REGULATION, noun. (genetics) Mechanism controlling DNA transcription.
REGULATION, noun. (medicine) Physiological process which consists in maintaining homoeostasis.
REGULATION, adjective. In conformity with applicable rules and regulations.
REGULATION CHARLIE, noun. (military) (slang) A person who strictly enforces all rules, without exception.

Dictionary definition

REGULATION, noun. An authoritative rule.
REGULATION, noun. A principle or condition that customarily governs behavior; "it was his rule to take a walk before breakfast"; "short haircuts were the regulation".
REGULATION, noun. The state of being controlled or governed.
REGULATION, noun. (embryology) the ability of an early embryo to continue normal development after its structure has been somehow damaged or altered.
REGULATION, noun. The act of bringing to uniformity; making regular.
REGULATION, noun. The act of controlling or directing according to rule; "fiscal regulations are in the hands of politicians".
REGULATION, adjective. Prescribed by or according to regulation; "regulation army equipment".

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