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COARSE, adjective. Composed of large parts or particles; of inferior quality or appearance; not fine in material or close in texture.
COARSE, adjective. Lacking refinement, taste or delicacy;
COARSE FISH, noun. Any fish that is not a game fish, and thus historically disdained by recreational anglers.

Dictionary definition

COARSE, adjective. Of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles; "coarse meal"; "coarse sand"; "a coarse weave".
COARSE, adjective. Lacking refinement or cultivation or taste; "he had coarse manners but a first-rate mind"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "an untutored and uncouth human being"; "an uncouth soldier--a real tough guy"; "appealing to the vulgar taste for violence"; "the vulgar display of the newly rich".
COARSE, adjective. Of low or inferior quality or value; "of what coarse metal ye are molded"- Shakespeare; "produced...the common cloths used by the poorer population".

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