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DEBRIS, noun. Rubble, wreckage, scattered remains of something destroyed.
DEBRIS, noun. Litter and discarded refuse.
DEBRIS, noun. The ruins of a broken-down structure
DEBRIS, noun. (geology) Large rock fragments left by a melting glacier etc.
DÉBRIS, noun. Alternative spelling of debris
DEBRIS FIELD, noun. (idiomatic) Any area, non-dependent of locale, space, or contour, that contains the debris of wreckage, impact, sinking, or other material that once constituted a complete object. Debris fields can be found at the site of air crashes, water vessel sinking, explosions of buildings, collapses, and other events that render a whole entity into components, pieces, or other non-whole items.

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DEBRIS, noun. The remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up.

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