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MUD, noun. (video game genre) (online gaming) Acronym of multi-user dungeon: an interactive online environment in which players may jointly engage in fantasy role-playing games.
MUD, noun. A mixture of water and soil or fine grained sediment.
MUD, noun. A plaster-like mixture used to texture or smooth drywall.
MUD, noun. (construction industry slang) Wet concrete as it is being mixed, delivered and poured.
MUD, noun. (figuratively) Willfully abusive, even slanderous remarks or claims, notably between political opponents.
MUD, noun. (slang) Money, dough, especially when proceeding from dirty business.
MUD, noun. (gay sex) (slang) stool that is exposed as a result of anal sex
MUD, noun. (geology) A particle less than 62.5 microns in diameter, following the Wentworth scale
MUD, noun. (slang) (derogatory) (ethnic slur) A black person.
MUD, verb. (transitive) To make muddy, dirty
MUD, verb. (transitive) To make turbid
MUD, verb. (intransitive) (Internet) To participate in a MUD, or multi-user dungeon.
MUD ARMY, noun. (Australia) (informal) the volunteer helpers assisting the victims of the 2010/2011 floods in South East Queensland.
MUD BATH, noun. The immersion of the body in mud, for therapeutic reasons.
MUD BATHS, noun. Plural of mud bath
MUD BOG, noun. The pit of mud used in the motor-racing sport of mud bogging.
MUD BOGGING, noun. An off-road motorsport in which competitors attempt to drive a vehicle as far as possible through a pit of mud.
MUD BOGS, noun. Plural of mud bog
MUD CAKE, noun. A Mississippi mud pie.
MUD CAKES, noun. Plural of mud cake
MUD CRAB, noun. Any of various crabs that live in or near mud.
MUD CRACKING, noun. (construction) Surface cracking resembling a dried mud flat.
MUD DAUBER, noun. A wasp, from either the family Sphecidae or Crabronidae, that builds its nest from mud.
MUD DRUM, noun. A boiler's water drum, particularly one mounted low on the boiler so as to keep mud from circulation.
MUD DRUMS, noun. Plural of mud drum
MUD FIGHT, noun. (literally) A physical fight in which two (or more) opponents wrestle in mud or other dirt.
MUD FIGHT, noun. (figuratively) A dirty duel, involving verbal mudslinging.
MUD FIGHTS, noun. Plural of mud fight
MUD FLAP, noun. A flap that hangs down behind a vehicle's wheel so that mud and other things kicked up by the wheel will hit the flap instead of a vehicle behind.
MUD FLAPS, noun. Plural of mud flap
MUD FLAT, noun. A flat expanse of mud at the edge of a body of water, regularly inundated by e.g. tidal action.
MUD FLATS, noun. Plural of mud flat
MUD MAP, noun. (AU) (slang) A roughly drawn map or set of directions, especially one drawn on the ground. [from 20th c.]
MUD MONKEY, noun. (idiomatic) (vulgar) (slang) a piece of faeces
MUD PIE, noun. A mass of mud shaped into the form of a pie, especially by children
MUD PIES, noun. Plural of mud pie
MUD PLANTAIN, noun. Any of various aquatic plants in the genus Heteranthera.
MUD PLANTAINS, noun. Plural of mud plantain
MUD PLUG, noun. A plug for stopping the mudhole of a boiler.
MUD PUPPY, noun. Alternative spelling of mudpuppy
MUD ROOM, noun. A room used to act as a barrier between outdoors and indoors.
MUD ROOMS, noun. Plural of mud room
MUD RUN, noun. An athletic event in which runners compete to navigate an obstacle course designed to include stretches of mud.
MUD RUNS, noun. Plural of mud run
MUD SEDGE, noun. A sedge species, Carex limosa.
MUD SEDGES, noun. Plural of mud sedge
MUD SHARK, noun. Spiny dogfish
MUD SHARK, noun. (derogatory) (offensive) (ethnic slur) A non-black person who seeks sexual relationships with black people.
MUD SHARKS, noun. Plural of mud shark
MUD SLAB, noun. (construction) A layer of concrete, typically 2 inches to 6 inches thick, it is poured below the structural slab but above a layer of wet or muddy soil.
MUD SUNFISH, noun. Acantharchus pomotis, a sunfish widely distributed in the fresh waters along the Atlantic coast of North America.
MUD VOLCANO, noun. (geology) A conical structure formed by the eruption of rock fragments and wet mud along with hot gases.
MUD VOLCANOES, noun. Plural of mud volcano
MUD VOLCANOS, noun. Plural of mud volcano
MUD WATER, noun. The water contained in mud.
MUD WRESTLER, noun. Alternative form of mudwrestler
MUD WRESTLERS, noun. Plural of mud wrestler
MUD WRESTLING, noun. A form of entertainment in which people wrestle in mud.
MUD WRESTLING, noun. (figuratively) A dirty and disreputable dispute.

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MUD, noun. Water soaked soil; soft wet earth.
MUD, noun. Slanderous remarks or charges.
MUD, verb. Soil with mud, muck, or mire; "The child mucked up his shirt while playing ball in the garden".
MUD, verb. Plaster with mud.

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