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GARBAGE, noun. (obsolete) The bowels of an animal; refuse parts of flesh; offal.
GARBAGE, noun. Food waste material of any kind.
GARBAGE, noun. Useless or disposable material; waste material of any kind.
GARBAGE, noun. A place or receptacle for waste material.
GARBAGE, noun. Nonsense; gibberish.
GARBAGE, noun. (often attributively) Something or someone worthless.
GARBAGE, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To eviscerate.
GARBAGE BAG, noun. (North American) A plastic bag produced for the disposal of household waste.
GARBAGE BAGS, noun. Plural of garbage bag
GARBAGE BIN, noun. (chiefly North American) wheelie bin
GARBAGE BINS, noun. Plural of garbage bin
GARBAGE CAN, noun. A receptacle, usually roughly cylindrical and wider at the top than at the bottom, which serves as a place to discard waste materials.
GARBAGE CANS, noun. Plural of garbage can
GARBAGE COLLECT, verb. (programming) To reclaim resources which are no longer in use; to run a garbage collector.
GARBAGE COLLECTION, noun. A service, generally run by local government, for transporting household garbage to the appropriate facility.
GARBAGE COLLECTION, noun. (programming) A mechanism which ensures that resources no longer in use are made available for reuse, automatic garbage collection.
GARBAGE COLLECTIONS, noun. Plural of garbage collection
GARBAGE COLLECTOR, noun. (US) (Canada) A worker who removes refuse.
GARBAGE COLLECTOR, noun. (programming) An algorithm, procedure or thread dedicated to garbage collection: reclaiming resources which are no longer in use.
GARBAGE COLLECTORS, noun. Plural of garbage collector
GARBAGE DAY, noun. The weekly day wherein people place their rubbish outside to be collected by garbagemen.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL, noun. An electric device in a kitchen drain that gets rid of food waste by shredding it to tiny bits that wash down.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL UNIT, noun. Alternative name for a garbage disposal.
GARBAGE LADIES, noun. Plural of garbage lady
GARBAGE LADY, noun. A garbage woman.
GARBAGE MAN, noun. (AU) (US) (Canada) Someone, usually male, whose job it is to collect refuse from people's homes and take it to be processed.
GARBAGE MEN, noun. Plural of garbage man
GARBAGE MITT, noun. (Western Canada) (esp. Manitoba) A thick hide mitten, with thick pile lining. Usually pl. garbage mitts.
GARBAGE MITTS, noun. Plural of garbage mitt
GARBAGE SCOW, noun. (colloquial) A watercraft that carries garbage and waste from one location to others for distribution and disposal.
GARBAGE TIME, noun. (sports) The period at the end of a timed sporting event that has become a blowout when the outcome of the game has already been decided, and the coaches of one or both teams will decide to replace their best players with substitutes.
GARBAGE TRUCK, noun. (US) (Canada) A vehicle for the collection and removal of waste.
GARBAGE TRUCKS, noun. Plural of garbage truck
GARBAGE WOMAN, noun. A female garbage collector.
GARBAGE WOMEN, noun. Plural of garbage woman

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GARBAGE, noun. Food that is discarded (as from a kitchen).
GARBAGE, noun. A worthless message.
GARBAGE, noun. A receptacle where waste can be discarded; "she tossed the moldy bread into the garbage".

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