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COLLECTOR, noun. A person who or thing which collects, or which creates or manages a collection.
COLLECTOR, noun. A person who is employed to collect payments.
COLLECTOR, noun. (electronics) The amplified terminal on a bipolar junction transistor.
COLLECTOR, noun. A compiler of books; one who collects scattered passages and puts them together in one book.
COLLECTOR, noun. (historical) One holding a Bachelor of Arts in Oxford, formerly appointed to superintend some scholastic proceedings in Lent.
COLLECTOR LANE, noun. (Canada) In a multi-lane controlled-access highway or expressway system, a lane which is physically separated from the (core) lane(s) closest to the median and which is intended for vehicles traveling relatively shorter distances, so that these vehicles may enter and exit the highway system without unduly interrupting the flow of traffic.

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COLLECTOR, noun. A person who collects things.
COLLECTOR, noun. A person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes).
COLLECTOR, noun. A crater that has collected cosmic material hitting the earth.
COLLECTOR, noun. The electrode in a transistor through which a primary flow of carriers leaves the region between the electrodes.

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