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WAND, noun. A stick or staff.
WAND, noun. (by extension) An instrument shaped like a stick or staff such as a curling wand.
WAND, noun. A magic wand.
WAND, noun. A branch or stalk, especially of willow.
WAND, noun. A suit of the minor arcana in tarot, or a card of that suit.
WAND, verb. (transitive) To scan (e.g. a passenger at an airport) with a metal detector.
WAND OF PEACE, noun. (legal) (Scotland) (historical) A wand, or staff, carried by the messenger of a court, which he breaks when deforced (that is, hindered from executing process), as a symbol of the deforcement, and protest for remedy of law.
WAND WORK, noun. Alternative form of wandwork

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WAND, noun. A rod used by a magician or water diviner.
WAND, noun. A thin supple twig or rod; "stems bearing slender wands of flowers".
WAND, noun. A ceremonial or emblematic staff.
WAND, noun. A thin tapered rod used by a conductor to lead an orchestra or choir.

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