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POTTER, noun. One who makes pots and other ceramic wares.
POTTER, noun. (idiomatic) (biblical) God, the creator.
POTTER, noun. One who places flowers or other plants inside their pots.
POTTER, noun. One who pots meats or other eatables.
POTTER, noun. One who hawks crockery or earthenware.
POTTER, noun. The red-bellied terrapin, Pseudemys rubriventris.
POTTER, noun. Deirochelys serrata.
POTTER, verb. (obsolete) To poke repeatedly.
POTTER, verb. (British) To act in a vague or unmotivated way.
POTTER, verb. (British) To move slowly or aimlessly. (Often potter about, potter around)
POTTER, noun. (soccer) someone connected with Stoke City Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.
POTTER, proper noun. An English occupational surname​ for a potter.
POTTER ABOUT, verb. (British) To potter, to be gently active doing various things in an almost aimless manner.
POTTER AROUND, verb. (chiefly British) To potter, to be gently active doing various things in an almost aimless manner.
POTTER STEWART STANDARD, noun. Alternative form of Potter Stewart test
POTTER STEWART TEST, proper noun. The informal test of identifying something based on whether one intuitively feels it belongs to a certain category.
POTTER WASP, noun. A wasp of a group in the subfamily Eumeninae.

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POTTER, noun. A craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes them it a kiln.
POTTER, verb. Do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly; "The old lady is usually mucking about in her little house".
POTTER, verb. Work lightly; "The old lady is pottering around in the garden".
POTTER, verb. Move around aimlessly.

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