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LEACH, noun. A quantity of wood ashes, through which water passes, and thus imbibes the alkali.
LEACH, noun. A tub or vat for leaching ashes, bark, etc.
LEACH, noun. (nautical) Alternative spelling of leech
LEACH, verb. (transitive) To purge a soluble matter out of something by the action of a percolating fluid.
LEACH, verb. (intransitive) To part with soluble constituents by percolation.
LEACH, proper noun. A surname​.

Dictionary definition

LEACH, noun. The process of leaching.
LEACH, verb. Cause (a liquid) to leach or percolate.
LEACH, verb. Permeate or penetrate gradually; "the fertilizer leached into the ground".
LEACH, verb. Remove substances from by a percolating liquid; "leach the soil".

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