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EXTRAORDINARY, adjective. Not ordinary; exceptional; unusual;
EXTRAORDINARY, adjective. Remarkably good.
EXTRAORDINARY OPTICAL TRANSMISSION, noun. (physics) The transmission of light through metallic films perforated by nanohole arrays at optical frequencies
EXTRAORDINARY PROFESSOR, noun. In Germany, professor without chair, often in a side-area, or being subordinated to a professor with chair.
EXTRAORDINARY PROFESSORS, noun. Plural of extraordinary professor
EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION, noun. (US) The sending of untried criminal suspects to countries outside the USA for interrogation or imprisonment.
EXTRAORDINARY RENDITIONS, noun. Plural of extraordinary rendition

Dictionary definition

EXTRAORDINARY, adjective. Beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable; "extraordinary authority"; "an extraordinary achievement"; "her extraordinary beauty"; "enjoyed extraordinary popularity"; "an extraordinary capacity for work"; "an extraordinary session of the legislature".
EXTRAORDINARY, adjective. Far more than usual or expected; "an extraordinary desire for approval"; "it was an over-the-top experience".
EXTRAORDINARY, adjective. (of an official) serving an unusual or special function in addition to those of the regular officials; "an ambassador extraordinary".

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