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CIGAR, noun. Tobacco, rolled and wrapped with an outer covering of tobacco leaves, intended to be smoked.
CIGAR BOX, noun. A box used for storing cigars.
CIGAR BOX, noun. (juggling) A square box usually made of wood or plastic used as a juggling prop.
CIGAR BOX GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) A simple guitar-like string instrument that uses a cigar box as a resonator, and traditionally with a broomstick for a neck.
CIGAR BOX GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays the cigar box guitar.
CIGAR BOX GUITARISTS, noun. Plural of cigar box guitarist
CIGAR BOX GUITARS, noun. Plural of cigar box guitar
CIGAR BOXES, noun. Plural of cigar box
CIGAR CUTTER, noun. A tool used to cut the end off of a cigar so that it may be smoked.
CIGAR CUTTERS, noun. Plural of cigar cutter
CIGAR STORE INDIAN, noun. (US) A sculpture, typically wooden and painted, of a Native American Indian, of the sort prominently used in tobacco stores.

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CIGAR, noun. A roll of tobacco for smoking.

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