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VEST, noun. (now rare) A loose robe or outer garment worn historically by men in Arab or Middle Eastern countries.
VEST, noun. (now North America) A sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, worn over a shirt, and often as part of a suit; a waistcoat.
VEST, noun. (British) A sleeveless garment, often with a low-cut neck, usually worn under a shirt or blouse.
VEST, noun. A sleeveless top, typically with identifying colours or logos, worn by an athlete or member of a sports team.
VEST, noun. Any sleeveless outer garment, often for a purpose such as identification, safety, or storage.
VEST, noun. A vestment.
VEST, noun. Clothing generally; array; garb.
VEST, verb. To clothe with, or as with, a vestment, or garment; to dress; to robe; to cover, surround, or encompass closely.
VEST, verb. To clothe with authority, power, etc.; to put in possession; to invest; to furnish; to endow; followed by with and the thing conferred.
VEST, verb. To place or give into the possession or discretion of some person or authority; to commit to another; with in before the possessor.
VEST, verb. (obsolete) To invest; to put.
VEST, verb. (legal) To clothe with possession; also, to give a person an immediate fixed right of present or future enjoyment of.
VEST, verb. (commonly used of financial arrangements) To become vested, to become permanent.
VEST BUSTER, noun. (idiomatic) a handgun cartridge that can fully penetrate a contemporary bulletproof vest.
VEST BUSTERS, noun. Plural of vest buster
VEST DATE, noun. (finance) The date that stock award restrictions lapse and the stock becomes available for transfer to buyer. Also the date that stock options become available for exercise.
VEST FROTTOIR, noun. (musical instrument) A frottoir designed to be worn like a vest.
VEST FROTTOIRS, noun. Plural of vest frottoir

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VEST, noun. A man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat.
VEST, noun. A collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body.
VEST, verb. Provide with power and authority; "They vested the council with special rights".
VEST, verb. Place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons; "She vested her vast fortune in her two sons".
VEST, verb. Become legally vested; "The property vests in the trustees".
VEST, verb. Clothe oneself in ecclesiastical garments.
VEST, verb. Clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes.

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