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TACTICAL, adjective. Of, or relating to tactics
TACTICAL, adjective. Of, or relating to military operations that are smaller or more local than strategic ones
TACTICAL, adjective. Adroit, skilful or ingenious
TACTICAL, adjective. (firearms) having a military appearance, typically with accessories such as a bipod, adjustable stock, detachable magazine or black coloration
TACTICAL AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION, noun. (military) That phase of evacuation which provides airlift for patients from the combat zone to points outside the combat zone, and between points within the communications zone.
TACTICAL AEROMEDICAL EVACUATIONS, noun. Plural of tactical aeromedical evacuation
TACTICAL AIR COMMANDER, noun. (military) The shore-based officer (aviator) responsible to the landing force commander for control and coordination of air operations within the landing force commander’s area of operations when control of these operations is passed ashore.
TACTICAL AIR COMMANDER, noun. (military) (countable) One of these officers.
TACTICAL AIR COMMANDERS, noun. Plural of tactical air commander
TACTICAL AIR CONTROL CENTER, noun. (military) The principal air operations installation (ship-based) from which all aircraft and air warning functions of tactical air operations are controlled. Also called Navy TACC.
TACTICAL AIR CONTROL CENTERS, noun. Plural of tactical air control center
TACTICAL CALL SIGN, noun. (military) A call sign which identifies a tactical command or tactical communication facility.
TACTICAL CALL SIGNS, noun. Plural of tactical call sign
TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE, noun. Surveillence of the immediate surroundings using one's senses.
TACTICAL REALISM, noun. A style of gaming in first-person shooters (FPS), where realistic ("real-world") settings are simulated by the gaming engine (to the best of its ability) and players use authentic military tactics to accomplish goals in the game.
TACTICAL REALISM, noun. The manner in which some gaming clans organize themselves. These clans adopt the rank, name and insignia of an actual combat unit past or present.

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TACTICAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to tactic or tactics; "a tactical error".

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