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BITE, verb. (transitive) To cut off a piece by clamping the teeth.
BITE, verb. (transitive) To hold something by clamping one's teeth.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To attack with the teeth.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To behave aggressively; to reject advances.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To take hold; to establish firm contact with.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To have significant effect, often negative.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) (of a fish) To bite a baited hook or other lure and thus be caught.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) (metaphor) To accept something offered, often secretly or deceptively, to cause some action by the acceptor.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) (transitive) (of an insect) To sting.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To cause a smarting sensation; to have a property which causes such a sensation; to be pungent.
BITE, verb. (transitive) To cause sharp pain, or smarting, to; to hurt or injure, in a literal or a figurative sense.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To cause sharp pain; to produce anguish; to hurt or injure; to have the property of so doing.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) To take or keep a firm hold.
BITE, verb. (transitive) To take hold of; to hold fast; to adhere to.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To lack quality; to be worthy of derision; to suck.
BITE, verb. (transitive) (informal) (vulgar) To perform oral sex on. Used in invective.
BITE, verb. (intransitive) (AAVE) (slang) To plagiarize, to imitate.
BITE, noun. The act of biting.
BITE, noun. The wound left behind after having been bitten.
BITE, noun. The swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting.
BITE, noun. A piece of food of a size that would be produced by biting; a mouthful.
BITE, noun. (slang) Something unpleasant.
BITE, noun. (slang) An act of plagiarism.
BITE, noun. A small meal or snack.
BITE, noun. (figuratively) aggression
BITE, noun. The hold which the short end of a lever has upon the thing to be lifted, or the hold which one part of a machine has upon another.
BITE, noun. (colloquial) (dated) A cheat; a trick; a fraud.
BITE, noun. (colloquial) (dated) (slang) A sharper; one who cheats.
BITE, noun. (printing) A blank on the edge or corner of a page, owing to a portion of the frisket, or something else, intervening between the type and paper.
BITE IN, verb. (dated) To corrode metallic plates by means of an acid, as part of an etching process.
BITE INDICATOR, noun. A float used by anglers to tell when a fish has taken the bait
BITE ME, interjection. (idiomatic) (slang) (offensive) An expression of discontent or aggravation to another party.
BITE OF THE CHERRY, noun. (idiom) A chance; an attempt at something.
BITE OF THE REALITY SANDWICH, noun. (informal) (idiomatic) (rare) A wake-up call, a reality check.
BITE OFF, verb. (transitive) (idiomatic) (sometimes followed by on) To accept or commit oneself to a task, project, notion, or responsibility, especially one which presents challenges.
BITE OFF, verb. (transitive) (idiomatic) To acquire, especially in an abrupt or forceful manner.
BITE OFF MORE THAN ONE CAN CHEW, verb. (idiomatic) To try to do too much; to take on or attempt more than one is capable of doing.
BITE ONE'S LIP, verb. (idiomatic) To forcibly prevent oneself from speaking, especially in order to avoid saying something inappropriate or likely to cause a dispute.
BITE ONE'S TONGUE, verb. (idiomatic) To forcibly prevent oneself from speaking, especially in order to avoid saying something inappropriate or likely to cause a dispute.
BITE SOMEONE IN THE ARSE, verb. (idiomatic) (slang) (vulgar) (UK) To punish or take retribution on.
BITE SOMEONE'S HEAD OFF, verb. (idiomatic) To severely berate someone.
BITE STICK, noun. (dentistry) A small wooden stick used in orthodontistry, which the patient bites on when the bands of the braces are fitted.
BITE STICK, noun. (curling) A piece of equipment used to determine whether or not a stone is a biter.
BITE THE BIG ONE, verb. (idiomatic) To die.
BITE THE BIG ONE, verb. (idiomatic)To break down; to be impossible to repair or not worth repairing.
BITE THE BIG ONE, verb. (idiomatic) To perform poorly; to fail.
BITE THE BIG ONE, verb. (idiomatic) To be unpleasant or undesirable.
BITE THE BISCUIT, verb. (idiomatic) To die.
BITE THE BISCUIT, verb. (idiomatic) To undertake an unpleasant task or to acknowledge an unfavorable situation or responsibility.
BITE THE BULLET, verb. (idiomatic) To endure a punishment or consequence with dignity or stoicism.
BITE THE BULLET, verb. (idiomatic) To accept a negative aspect of a situation in order to proceed.
BITE THE DUST, verb. (idiomatic) (euphemistic) To die.
BITE THE DUST, verb. (idiomatic) To quit, or fail.
BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS ONE, verb. (idiomatic) To cause harm to a benefactor.
BITE TO EAT, noun. (idiomatic) (singulare tantum) Snack or quick meal.
BITE WING, noun. (dentistry) A holder for X-ray film, in which the film is held in place by a small tab on which the patient bites.
BITE WINGS, noun. Plural of bite wing

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BITE, noun. A wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person.
BITE, noun. A small amount of solid food; a mouthful; "all they had left was a bit of bread".
BITE, noun. A painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin.
BITE, noun. A light informal meal.
BITE, noun. (angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait; "after fishing for an hour he still had not had a bite".
BITE, noun. Wit having a sharp and caustic quality; "he commented with typical pungency"; "the bite of satire".
BITE, noun. A strong odor or taste property; "the pungency of mustard"; "the sulfurous bite of garlic"; "the sharpness of strange spices"; "the raciness of the wine".
BITE, noun. The act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws.
BITE, noun. A portion removed from the whole; "the government's weekly bite from my paycheck".
BITE, verb. To grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws; "Gunny invariably tried to bite her".
BITE, verb. Cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "The sun burned his face".
BITE, verb. Penetrate or cut, as with a knife; "The fork bit into the surface".
BITE, verb. Deliver a sting to; "A bee stung my arm yesterday".

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