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HACKNEY, proper noun. A London borough where once upon a time many horses were pastured.
HACKNEY, proper noun. A town in this borough.
HACKNEY, proper noun. One of several breeds of compact English horses.
HACKNEY, proper noun. An English habitational surname​.
HACKNEY, proper noun. (in compounds) (A means of transportation that is) available for public hire.
HACKNEY, noun. (archaic) An ordinary horse.
HACKNEY, noun. A carriage for hire or a cab.
HACKNEY, noun. A horse used to ride or drive.
HACKNEY, noun. A breed of English horse.
HACKNEY, noun. (archaic) A hired drudge; a hireling; a prostitute.
HACKNEY, adjective. (not comparable) Offered for hire; hence, much used; trite; mean.
HACKNEY, verb. To make uninteresting or trite by frequent use.
HACKNEY, verb. To use as a hackney.
HACKNEY CAB, noun. Originally a carriage pulled by a hackney horse, available for public hire.
HACKNEY CAB, noun. Currently a motorised vehicle available for public hire - a modern implementation of the original horse drawn function.
HACKNEY CABS, noun. Plural of hackney cab
HACKNEY CARRIAGE, noun. (British) The official name for a traditional "London"-style taxi; a black cab.

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HACKNEY, noun. A carriage for hire.
HACKNEY, noun. A compact breed of harness horse.

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