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CHATHAM, proper noun. A port on the Medway river in Kent, England; the home of the Royal dockyard.
CHATHAM, proper noun. Any of several other places of the same name.
CHATHAM, proper noun. An English habitational surname from the placename.
CHATHAM ISLAND, proper noun. The biggest island in the Chatham Islands group off the east coast of New Zealand
CHATHAM ISLAND PIGEON, noun. A species of pigeon, Hemiphaga chathamensis, found on Chatham Island and endemic to New Zealand
CHATHAM ISLAND PIGEONS, noun. Plural of Chatham Island pigeon
CHATHAM ISLANDS, proper noun. An archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about 680 kilometres off the east coast of New Zealand
CHATHAM ISLANDS PENGUIN, noun. Eudyptes chathamensis, an extinct species of crested penguins, which lived on the Chatham Islands.
CHATHAM ISLANDS PENGUINS, noun. Plural of Chatham Islands Penguin

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