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CHELSEA, proper noun. A district on the northern bank of the river Thames in western London.
CHELSEA, proper noun. Any of several places (mostly in the US) named after it.
CHELSEA, proper noun. A type of porcelain once manufactured there.
CHELSEA, proper noun. A female given name, derived from the London borough.
CHELSEA BOY, noun. A waxed, toned, bronzed and buffed gay ideal; sometimes pejorative
CHELSEA BOYS, noun. Plural of chelsea boy
CHELSEA BUN, noun. A spiral-shaped currant bun which is coated with sugar.
CHELSEA BUNS, noun. Plural of Chelsea bun
CHELSEA PENSIONER, noun. (UK) Any of the retired British army officers now resident in Royal Hospital Chelsea, noted for their ceremonial scarlet coats and tricorne hats.
CHELSEA PENSIONERS, noun. Plural of Chelsea pensioner
CHELSEA TRACTOR, noun. (British) (humorous) An SUV or 4x4 vehicle.
CHELSEA TRACTORS, noun. Plural of Chelsea tractor

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