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VILLA, noun. (plural "villas") A house, often larger and more expensive than average, in the countryside or on the coast, often used as a retreat.
VILLA, noun. (UK) (plural "villas") A family house, often semi-detached, in a middle class street.
VILLA, noun. (Ancient Rome) (plural "villae") a country house, with farm buildings around a courtyard.
VILLA, proper noun. (soccer) Aston Villa Football Club, a football club based in Birmingham
VILLA PARK, proper noun. (soccer) the home stadium of Aston Villa Football Club
VILLA PARK, proper noun. (soccer) (by extension) Aston Villa Football Club itself

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VILLA, noun. Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923).
VILLA, noun. Detached or semidetached suburban house.
VILLA, noun. Country house in ancient Rome consisting of residential quarters and farm buildings around a courtyard.
VILLA, noun. Pretentious and luxurious country residence with extensive grounds.

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