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ATHLETIC, adjective. (not comparable) Having to do with athletes.
ATHLETIC, adjective. Physically active.
ATHLETIC, adjective. Having a muscular, well developed body, being in shape.
ATHLETIC, adjective. An attribute of a motion or play which requires fine physical ability.
ATHLETIC, proper noun. (baseball) A player on the team Oakland Athletics.
ATHLETIC PROTECTOR, noun. A jockstrap (or similar)
ATHLETIC PROTECTORS, noun. Plural of athletic protector
ATHLETIC SUPPORTER, noun. An elastic garment supporting and defending male genitalia from modest injury. A jock strap.
ATHLETIC SUPPORTER, noun. A cheerleader or booster of a team.
ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS, noun. Plural of athletic supporter

Dictionary definition

ATHLETIC, adjective. Relating to or befitting athletics or athletes; "athletic facilities".
ATHLETIC, adjective. Vigorously active; "an acrobatic dance"; "an athletic child"; "athletic playing"; "gymnastic exercises".
ATHLETIC, adjective. Having a sturdy and well proportioned body; "an athletic build".

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