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ACADEMIC, adjective. Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato; as, the academic sect or philosophy. [First attested in the late 16th century.]
ACADEMIC, adjective. Belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning; also a scholarly society or organization. [First attested in the late 16th century.]
ACADEMIC, adjective. Theoretical or speculative; abstract; scholarly, literary or classical, in distinction to practical or vocational; having no practical importance. [First attested in the late 19th century.]
ACADEMIC, adjective. Having a love of or aptitude for learning.
ACADEMIC, adjective. (art) Conforming to set rules and traditions; conventional; formalistic. [First attested in the late 19th century.]
ACADEMIC, adjective. So scholarly as to be unaware of the outside world; lacking in worldliness.
ACADEMIC, adjective. Subscribing to the architectural standards of Vitruvius.
ACADEMIC, noun. (usually capitalized) A follower of Plato, a Platonist. [First attested in the mid 16th century.]
ACADEMIC, noun. A senior member of an academy, college, or university; a person who attends an academy; a person engaged in scholarly pursuits; one who is academic in practice. [First attested in the late 16th century.]
ACADEMIC, noun. A member of the Academy; an academician. [First attested in the mid 18th century.]
ACADEMIC, noun. (pluralonly) Academic dress; academicals. [First attested in the early 19th century.]
ACADEMIC, noun. (pluralonly) Academic studies. [First attested in the late 20th century.]
ACADEMIC, noun. Alternative form of academic
ACADEMIC, adjective. Alternative form of academic
ACADEMIC ART, noun. (arts) A style of art influenced by European art academies, especially one which lacks innovation or individualism; academism.
ACADEMIC BULIMIA, noun. An approach to test taking, in which information is memorized then purged on test day, never to be recalled again
ACADEMIC COSTUME, noun. An outfit consisting of, typically, a cap and gown, utilized by academics for special occasion, such as graduation.
ACADEMIC COSTUMES, noun. Plural of academic costume
ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE, noun. A branch of knowledge or learning which is taught or researched at the college or university level.
ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES, noun. Plural of academic discipline
ACADEMIC FREEDOM, noun. The right to teach or learn freely without unreasonable interference from authority, or fear of reprisal.
ACADEMIC INSTITUTION, noun. An educational institution dedicated to higher education and research, which grants academic degrees.
ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS, noun. Plural of academic institution
ACADEMIC QUESTION, noun. A question only of interest to academic scholars; a question of no practical importance.
ACADEMIC QUESTIONS, noun. Plural of academic question
ACADEMIC YEAR, noun. The annual period during which a student attends school, college or university.
ACADEMIC YEARS, noun. Plural of academic year

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ACADEMIC, noun. An educator who works at a college or university.
ACADEMIC, adjective. Associated with academia or an academy; "the academic curriculum"; "academic gowns".
ACADEMIC, adjective. Hypothetical or theoretical and not expected to produce an immediate or practical result; "an academic discussion"; "an academic question".
ACADEMIC, adjective. Marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects.

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