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EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. Outside of the normal curriculum of an educational establishment
EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. Similarly outside of the normal duties of a job or profession
EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. (informal) extramarital
EXTRACURRICULAR, noun. (education) An activity outside the normal academic curriculum.
EXTRACURRICULAR, noun. (informal) An activity beyond official duties of a job or profession.
EXTRACURRICULAR, noun. (informal) An extramarital affair.

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EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. Outside the regular academic curriculum; "sports and drama are popular extracurricular activities".
EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. Outside the regular duties of your job or profession.
EXTRACURRICULAR, adjective. Characterized by adultery; "an adulterous relationship"; "extramarital affairs"; "the extracurricular activities of a philandering husband".

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