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PENNSYLVANIA, proper noun. A state of the United States of America. Capital: Harrisburg; largest city: Philadelphia.
PENNSYLVANIA, proper noun. The first, and historically largest, now defunct US railroad, a hallmark of the industrial age.
PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, proper noun. A street in Washington, D.C. that runs between the White House and the United States Capitol.
PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, proper noun. (by extension) The relationship between Congress and the President.
PENNSYLVANIA BARN, noun. A kind of banked barn built in the USA from about 1820-1900, having an overshoot or forebay: an area where one or more walls overshoot the foundation.
PENNSYLVANIA BARNS, noun. Plural of Pennsylvania barn
PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH, proper noun. Those people of German origin who settled in the Pennsylvania area prior to 1800, and their descendants.
PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH, proper noun. Their language, Pennsylvania German, a High German language descended from Palatine German. (Not to be confused with the Low German language Plautdietsch.).
PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH, proper noun. (nonstandard) The Old Order Amish.
PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH, adjective. Related to Pennsylvania German people, or their language.
PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN, noun. A person descended from German immigrants to Pennsylvania before 1800.
PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN, proper noun. The High German language, descending from Palatine German, which is spoken by the Pennsylvania Dutch. (Not to be confused with the Low German language Plautdietsch which is also spoken in Pennsylvania.)
PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN, adjective. Relating to the Pennsylvania Germans or their language.
PENNSYLVANIA GERMANS, noun. Plural of Pennsylvania German
PENNSYLVANIA SEDGE, noun. Carex pensylvanica, native to eastern North America.

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PENNSYLVANIA, noun. A Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies.
PENNSYLVANIA, noun. One of the British colonies that formed the United States.
PENNSYLVANIA, noun. A university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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