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JERSEY, noun. A garment knitted from wool, worn over the upper body.
JERSEY, noun. A shirt worn by a member of an athletic team, usually oversized, typically depicting the athlete's name and team number as well as the team's logotype.
JERSEY, noun. A type of fabric knit
JERSEY, proper noun. The largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel between France and England.
JERSEY, proper noun. A breed of dairy cattle from Jersey.
JERSEY, proper noun. (US) (informal) New Jersey.
JERSEY BARRIER, noun. A modular concrete or plastic barrier designed to create walls that separate lanes of traffic or to block traffic.
JERSEY BARRIER, noun. A Jersey wall; a wall composed of Jersey barriers that separates lanes of traffic.
JERSEY BARRIER, noun. Alternative form of Jersey barrier
JERSEY BARRIERS, noun. Plural of Jersey barrier
JERSEY BARRIERS, noun. Plural of jersey barrier
JERSEY CREAM, noun. (UK) a type of biscuit with two slices of shortbread joined with vanilla frosting.
JERSEY DUTCH, proper noun. A lect or set of dialects, derived from Dutch, spoken in New Jersey from the late 17th century until the early 20th century, various dialects of which were more creolized (with English and Lenape) than others.
JERSEY GIRL, noun. (derogatory) A woman, usually from New Jersey, characterised as loud and wearing bright clothing, far too much make-up, big hair and oversized gaudy earrings.
JERSEY GIRLS, noun. Plural of Jersey girl
JERSEY LEGAL FRENCH, proper noun. A dialect of French used historically by the parliament of Jersey.
JERSEY LIGHTNING, noun. (US) (informal) Applejack.
JERSEY WALL, noun. A low wall made of Jersey barriers used to separate lanes of traffic.
JERSEY WALL, noun. Alternative form of Jersey wall
JERSEY WALLS, noun. Plural of Jersey wall
JERSEY WALLS, noun. Plural of jersey wall

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JERSEY, noun. A Mid-Atlantic state on the Atlantic; one of the original 13 colonies.
JERSEY, noun. The largest of the Channel Islands.
JERSEY, noun. A close-fitting pullover shirt.
JERSEY, noun. A slightly elastic machine-knit fabric.
JERSEY, noun. A breed of diary cattle developed on the island of Jersey.

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