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SUSSEX, proper noun. A former county in the south-east of England (now divided into East- and West-), then bordered by Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and the English Channel.
SUSSEX, proper noun. A town in New Brunswick
SUSSEX, proper noun. A borough in New Jersey
SUSSEX, proper noun. A CDP in Virginia
SUSSEX, proper noun. A village in Wisconsin
SUSSEX DRIVE, proper noun. A street in Ottawa, the location of the official residence of the prime minister of Canada.
SUSSEX DRIVE, proper noun. (Canada) (idiomatic) The Canadian prime minister or the government.
SUSSEX POND PUDDING, noun. A traditional boiled or steamed English pudding made from suet pastry encasing a whole lemon.
SUSSEX POND PUDDINGS, noun. Plural of Sussex pond pudding

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SUSSEX, noun. A county in southern England on the English Channel; formerly an Anglo-Saxon kingdom that was captured by Wessex in the 9th century.

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