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DISMISS, verb. ​(transitive) To discharge; to end the employment or service of.
DISMISS, verb. (transitive) To order to leave.
DISMISS, verb. (transitive) To dispel; to rid one's mind of.
DISMISS, verb. (transitive) To reject; to refuse to accept.
DISMISS, verb. (transitive) (cricket) To get a batsman out.
DISMISS, verb. (transitive) (soccer) To give someone a red card; to send off.

Dictionary definition

DISMISS, verb. Bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances".
DISMISS, verb. Cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration; "This case is dismissed!".
DISMISS, verb. Stop associating with; "They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock".
DISMISS, verb. Terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position; "The boss fired his secretary today"; "The company terminated 25% of its workers".
DISMISS, verb. End one's encounter with somebody by causing or permitting the person to leave; "I was dismissed after I gave my report".
DISMISS, verb. Declare void; "The President dissolved the parliament and called for new elections".

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