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BOWLING, verb. Present participle of bowl
BOWLING, noun. A game played by rolling a ball down an alley and trying to knock over a triangular group of ten pins; ten-pin bowling
BOWLING, noun. (New England) Candlepin bowling.
BOWLING, noun. Any of several similar games played indoors or outdoors.
BOWLING, noun. (cricket) The action of propelling the ball towards the batsman.
BOWLING, noun. (slang) A particular style of walking associated with urban street culture.
BOWLING, noun. (gerund) The action of the verb bowl.
BOWLING, noun. (Ireland) Road bowling.
BOWLING ALLEY, noun. A building which contains lanes for bowling.
BOWLING ALLEYS, noun. Plural of bowling alley
BOWLING AVERAGE, noun. (cricket) The number of runs conceded divided by the number of wickets taken, used as a statistic.
BOWLING AVERAGES, noun. Plural of bowling average
BOWLING BAG, noun. A long bag with two rounded handles, of the kind used for carrying bowling equipment.
BOWLING BAGS, noun. Plural of bowling bag
BOWLING BALL, noun. (bowling) A solid ball used in the sport of bowling, with finger holes allowing it to be picked up.
BOWLING BALLS, noun. Plural of bowling ball
BOWLING CLUB, noun. A club for people who play bowls.
BOWLING CLUB, noun. An establishment with a bowling green and clubhouse providing food, drink, entertainment, and other services to members.
BOWLING CLUBS, noun. Plural of bowling club
BOWLING CREASE, noun. (cricket) The white line marked at each end of the pitch through the wicket and ending at the return creases. When bowling the bowler's front foot must not cross this line until after the ball has been delivered.
BOWLING CREASES, noun. Plural of bowling crease
BOWLING FIGURES, noun. (cricket) A group of statistics listed for each bowler in a single innings:- number of overs bowled, number of maiden overs bowled, number of runs conceded and number of wickets taken.
BOWLING FIGURES, noun. (cricket) Collectively the bowling figures for all the bowlers who bowled in an innings or match.
BOWLING GREEN, noun. A finely-laid, close-mown and rolled stretch of lawn for playing the game of bowls.
BOWLING GREENS, noun. Plural of bowling green
BOWLING OUT, verb. Present participle of bowl out

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BOWLING, noun. A game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them.
BOWLING, noun. (cricket) the act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman.
BOWLING, noun. The playing of a game of tenpins or duckpins etc.

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