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CONCEDE, verb. To yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant; as, to concede the point in question.
CONCEDE, verb. To grant, as a right or privilege; to make concession of.
CONCEDE, verb. To admit to be true; to acknowledge.
CONCEDE, verb. To yield or make concession.
CONCEDE, verb. (sports) To have a goal or point scored against
CONCEDE, verb. (cricket) (of a bowler) to have runs scored off of one's bowling.

Dictionary definition

CONCEDE, verb. Admit (to a wrongdoing); "She confessed that she had taken the money".
CONCEDE, verb. Be willing to concede; "I grant you this much".
CONCEDE, verb. Give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another.
CONCEDE, verb. Acknowledge defeat; "The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose".

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