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DEFENSIVE, adjective. Intended for defence; protective.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. Intended to deter attack.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. Performed so as to minimise risk.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. Displaying an inordinate sensitivity to criticism.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. (cricket) Of a bowling or fielding tactic designed to prevent the other side from scoring runs; of a batting tactic designed to prevent being out.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. (sports) Pertaining to defense, as opposed to attack.
DEFENSIVE, adjective. In a state or posture of defense.
DEFENSIVE, noun. A means, attitude or position of defense.
DEFENSIVE BACK, noun. (American football) (Canadian football) Collective term for the defensive players who are in position farthest from the ball at the start of a play and whose principal responsibility is to defend against passes. Includes cornerbacks and safeties in both codes, and defensive halfbacks in the Canadian game.
DEFENSIVE DESIGN, noun. (computing) the practice of planning for contingencies in the design stage of a project so that to make the misuse of the software impossible, or to minimise the negative consequences.
DEFENSIVE DESIGNS, noun. Plural of defensive design
DEFENSIVE FIELD, noun. (cricket) A field set with fielders in positions designed to prevent runs rather than take wickets.
DEFENSIVE HALFBACK, noun. (Canadian football) A defensive back whose primary jobs are to cover the slotback on passing plays and prevent running plays from going to the outside.
DEFENSIVE INDIFFERENCE, noun. (baseball) An official scoring judgement in which a runner is not credited with a stolen base because the team playing the field did not try to stop the steal. This typically occurs late in a game when the fielding team is winning.
DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, noun. (soccer) A midfield player who specialises more in defensive duties.
DEFENSIVE PROGRAMMING, noun. (programming) a form of defensive design that wants to ensure that the continuing functioning of a piece of software in spite of unforeseeable usage of it.
DEFENSIVE PROGRAMMINGS, noun. (programming) plural of defensive programming
DEFENSIVE TACKLE, noun. (American football) Any of a few defensive positions in the middle of the defensive line.
DEFENSIVE ZONE, noun. (ice hockey) The ice between a team's own blue line and its end board.
DEFENSIVE ZONES, noun. Plural of defensive zone

Dictionary definition

DEFENSIVE, noun. An attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase `on the defensive').
DEFENSIVE, adjective. Intended or appropriate for defending against or deterring aggression or attack; "defensive weapons"; "a defensive stance".
DEFENSIVE, adjective. Attempting to justify or defend in speech or writing.

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