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PACKER, noun. A person whose business is to pack things; especially, one who packs food for preservation; as, a pork packer or a household goods packer.
PACKER, noun. (computing) A software program that compresses code or data.
PACKER, noun. (US) A ring of packing or a special device to render gastight and watertight the space between the tubing and bore of an oil well.
PACKER, noun. (LGBT) An artificial penis worn by a drag king, transman, etc., inside the trousers.
PACKER, noun. A person who plays football for the Green Bay Packers professional football team
PACKER WHACKER, noun. (Australia) (colloquial) (informal) A portable defibrillator.
PACKER WHACKERS, noun. Plural of Packer whacker

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PACKER, noun. A workman employed to pack things into containers.
PACKER, noun. A wholesaler in the meat-packing business.
PACKER, noun. A hiker who wears a backpack.

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