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CURLY, adjective. Having curls.
CURLY, noun. A person or animal with curly hair.
CURLY BRACE, noun. (programming) Synonym of curly bracket.
CURLY BRACES, noun. Plural of curly brace
CURLY BRACKET, noun. Either of the two characters { and } with the shape of a curved, pointed line, having various uses in math, poetry, music, and computer programming.
CURLY BRACKETS, noun. Plural of curly bracket
CURLY QUOTE, noun. (typography) A shaped opening or closing quotation mark, “ or ”, as distinguished from a straight quote.
CURLY QUOTES, noun. Plural of curly quote
CURLY TOP, noun. (agriculture) A disease of beets, gourds, and other plants, caused by the virus Beet curly top virus, which results in stunted or misshapen growth and curled or puckered leaves.

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CURLY, adjective. (of hair) having curls or waves; "they envied her naturally curly hair".

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