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PRETTY, adjective. Cunning; clever, skilful. [from 9th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. Pleasant in sight or other senses; attractive, especially of women or children. [from 15th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. Of objects or things: nice-looking, appealing. [from 15th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. (often pejorative) Fine-looking; only superficially attractive; initially appealing but having little substance; see petty. [from 15th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. (dated) Moderately large; considerable. [from 15th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. (dated) Excellent, commendable, pleasing; fitting or proper (of actions, thoughts etc.). [from 16th c.]
PRETTY, adjective. (ironic) Awkward, unpleasant. [from 16th c.]
PRETTY, adverb. Somewhat, fairly, quite; sometimes also (by meiosis) very.
PRETTY, noun. Something that is pretty.
PRETTY, verb. To make pretty; to beautify
PRETTY AS A PICTURE, adjective. (simile) Very pretty, very cute.
PRETTY BOY, noun. (pejorative) (slang) A young man whose attractiveness is considered rather effeminate and who may be vain about his appearance.
PRETTY BOYS, noun. Plural of pretty boy
PRETTY GOOD PRIVACY, proper noun. (computing) software that encrypts and decrypts messages, for transmission over the Internet, using public-key cryptography
PRETTY MUCH, adverb. Almost completely; very nearly; mostly.
PRETTY PASS, noun. (idiomatic) (dated) An unsatisfactory situation.
PRETTY PASSES, noun. Plural of pretty pass
PRETTY PENNY, noun. (idiomatic) A considerable amount of money; a high price or a high income.
PRETTY PICTURES, noun. (idiomatic) Image supplements in a presentation: graphs, charts, etc.
PRETTY PLEASE, interjection. (childish or jocular) an emphatic form of "please"
PRETTY UP, verb. (idiomatic) to prettify, to make pretty or prettier

Dictionary definition

PRETTY, adverb. To a moderately sufficient extent or degree; "pretty big"; "pretty bad"; "jolly decent of him"; "the shoes are priced reasonably"; "he is fairly clever with computers".
PRETTY, adjective. Pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing; "pretty girl"; "pretty song"; "pretty room".
PRETTY, adjective. (used ironically) unexpectedly bad; "a pretty mess"; "a pretty kettle of fish".

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